1899 Series, Netflix’s new mind-bending show.

1899 Series, Netflix’s new mind-bending show.

A group of European migrants leave London on a steamship to start a new life in New York City but when they encounter another migrant ship adrift on the open sea their journey begins to turn into a Nightmare.

There are very fascinating characters in the series with complex backstories, secrets, and hidden agendas.

All of them are heading to New York in the year 1899. They bump into a ship that has been missing for the past 4 months.

Don’t get the wrong idea that the series is just about a missing or haunted ship that appeared out of nowhere on the open seas and start attacking nearby ships. Yes, it is a true diamond in the time-travel genre.

If you watch the trailer you’ll find some astonishing nightmarish imagery that shows how the show’s gonna evolve.

The series is already launched on the 17th of November 2022 and is available on Netflix.

Trust me, it's worth a binge-watch.