Michelle Yeoh deleted her Instagram post after facing backlash

michelle yeoh

After posting an article on Instagram about the lack of diversity in the Best Actress category at the Oscars, which also mentioned another nominee, Cate Blanchett, Michelle Yeoh received backlash. Michelle Yeoh recently took down a post she made to Instagram in which she criticized the lack of diversity in the Best Actress category for the Oscars and included Cate Blanchett’s name. Also read, Ram Charan to Debut in Hollywood.

The actor Michelle Yeoh has removed her Instagram post, which may have broken Academy regulations, and highlighted a story about the Best Actress in a Leading Role battle at the Oscars. The Malaysian actor, Michelle, who has been nominated for her role in the multiverse-spanning Everything Everywhere All At Once, is currently the favorite to win the category. Michelle would become the first Asian actor to receive the honor in the Academy’s nearly 100-year-old history, which would be historic.

Just hours before the Oscars voting closed on March 7, Michelle shared screenshots of a Vogue article written by Radhika Seth titled “It’s Been Over Two Decades Since We’ve Had a Non-White Best Actress Winner. Will That Change in 2023?” which highlighted the lack of diversity in the category- with only one woman of color winning in the category for Halle Berry in 2001 for Monster’s Ball, and Michelle’s historic Screen Actor’s Guild win that could pave the way for the Academy win.

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