Marvelous Announces Rune Factory: Project Dragon, Rune Factory 6 Games

Project Dragon set in previously unseen “Land of the East”

Marvelous announced during its game showcase on Friday that it is developing two new games in its Rune Factory RPG/farming franchise titled Rune Factory: Project Dragon and Rune Factory 6. The showcase showed a gameplay trailer for Rune Factory: Project Dragon, but did not reveal gameplay for Rune Factory 6, or release dates for either game.

(19:45 to 27:00 in video below)

Marvelous’ American subsidiary publisher XSEED Games describes the games:

Series Director Shiro Maekawa joined Sato-san to reveal the first footage of a new spinoff in the Rune Factory series, PROJECT DRAGON. Building upon the central theme of “East and West”, PROJECT DRAGON is set in the “Land of the East,” which has long been referenced but never shown in the series, where Earthmates will explore new lands and communities with Japanese-styled design influences. Additionally, Maekawa-san confirmed that Rune Factory 6 is also in development and will take place in the western continent of Adonea, with both upcoming titles representing the East and West.

Rune Factory 3 Special, the remake of Rune Factory 3, launched for the Switch in Japan on March 3. XSEED Games will release the game in the West on September 5 for both Switch and PC via Steam.

XSEED Games released Marvelous’ Rune Factory 5 game in July 2022 for Switch and PC via Steam.

Sources: Press release, Marvelous’ game showcase

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