Jackie Shroff reveals why Anil Kapoor touches his feet despite being older | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

When it comes to Hindi cinema, Jackie Shroff and Anil Kapoor are one of the most cherished and celebrated duos ever to grace the big screen. With their collaboration in over a dozen films like ‘Ram Lakhan‘, ‘Trimurti’, ‘Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja’, and ‘Parinda’, their on-screen chemistry has captivated audiences for decades. Interestingly, if one observes closely, there is a recurring theme in all these films – Jackie always portrays the older brother while Anil assumes the role of the younger one, despite Anil actually being a year older than Jackie.
During an interview, Jackie addressed this point and revealed he has no ego issues regarding their quirky dynamic. He humorously explained that he seems like the older one because he possesses a larger physique with heavier bones, akin to that of an elephant, while Anil maintains a more slender build. Jackie feels he naturally comes across as the elder brother on screen.
Jackie also playfully disclosed the reason behind Anil’s habit of touching his feet whenever they meet. He suggested that Anil touches his feet so that people think Jackie is older and Anil is younger. Speaking about his bond with Anil, Jackie expressed that although they don’t meet every day, whenever they do, the connection feels as vibrant as their first encounter when Anil visited Napean Sea Road to meet his then-girlfriend, now wife, Sunita. Their camaraderie is reminiscent of two spirited brothers igniting a lively flame whenever they come together.

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