Iori Asaga’s Inu to Kuzu Romance Suspense Manga Gets Live-Action Series

Yuki Kura, Ui Mihara, Reia Nakamura star in series premiering on June 8

Kodansha revealed on Friday that Iori Asaga‘s Inu to Kuzu (Dog and Scum) manga is inspiring a live-action television series adaptation that will premiere on June 8.

The series stars Yuki Kura (center in image above) as Haruma Sakuraba, Ui Mihara (left) as Reika Inukai, and 7 Men Samurai idol group member Reia Nakamura as Shūji Inukai. This will be Kura’s first lead role in a live-action broadcast television series.

Jin Ueda, Takashi Hidaka, and Yūichi Katayama are directing the series, with scripts by Kumiko Asō and Nanami Okaniwa. Hisashi Arita is composing the music. The series will premiere on MBS and TV Kanagawa on June 8, on Chiba TV on June 9, and on Tochigi TV, TV Saitama, and Gunma TV on June 15.


The manga centers on Haruma Sakuraba, a working salaryman with neuroses and low self-esteem. One reason for his inferiority complex is that he constantly compares himself to his childhood friend Shūji Inukai, who is more fit, has a better record, looks more handsome, and has a better paying job. Haruma has a chance meeting with Shūji’s wife Reika, whom Haruma has always had a crush on since their student days. Reika is acting strangely, and invites Haruma to her home, and an illicit affair begins between them.

Asaga launched the manga in Kodansha‘s Young Magazine in June 2021, and ended it in May 2022. Kodansha published the manga’s fifth and final compiled book volume in August 2022.

Asaga launched the Dear Sa-chan (Sacchan, Boku wa.) manga in Shueisha‘s Shonen Jump+ manga website in July 2019, and ended in October 2020. Shueisha‘s MANGA Plus website published the manga in English. Shueisha published the manga’s fourth and final volume in November 2020.

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