Garp vs blackbeard, who will win?

Garp vs Blackbeard

Oda stated in the Shonen jump event, “that person and that person are gonna be fighting! if we were to give it a title I’d call it a ‘free for all battle royale’. I just hope that no one dies.” We may soon see the legendary Garp vs Blackbeard fight in One Piece. The One Piece manga recently in chapter 1070 revealed that Luffy’s grandfather Monkey D Garp is set on a rogue mission to rescue Luffy’s marine friend Coby from Blackbeard. Not only it confirms that Garp may be a secret member of the Marine organization SWORD it also sets up a major battle Garp vs Blackbeard pirates.

This plot of Garp vs Blackbeard without any doubt is the most unexpected plot twist that Oda has thrown into the world of One Piece especially after revealing that Admiral Kizaru is coming to Egghead island with an entire navy fleet to stop Luffy from taking Vegapunk.

Garp vs Blackbeard

Before jumping to the conclusions of Garp vs Blackbeard, let us know the powers of both Monkey D Garp and Marshal D Teach aka Blackbeard

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What are Garp’s powers?

Garp is one of the most powerful characters in One Piece who has fought on the level of Rocks D Xebec, Gol D Roger, Whitebeard, and Golden Lion Shiki. Roger, when captured, said that he and Garp nearly killed each other on many occasions. He is easily the most powerful of all Vice Admirals and his powers exceed that of current Admirals because when he was about to kill Admiral Sakazuki, Sengoku had to stop him. It’s no joke that the commander of the navy himself needs to stop a person.

As we all know that Garp, in his prime, was able to destroy 8 mountains in a single punch but he’s grown old now. He has mastered all types of haki and his fighting style is mainly using punches so, he may have a very different level of armament haki. We got a glimpse of the powers of Roger and Whitebeard in previous chapters. Oden, who gave Kaido a permanent scar was defeated by Roger with so much as a single blow.

So you can imagine the powers of Garp who went head-to-head and toe-to-toe with Pirate King. In the marineford arc, when he lands a single blow on Marco and the way the marines were inspired justifies his powers and the title of ‘Hero of the Marines’. It would have been very deadly if Garp vs Blackbeard would have took place in marineford.

When the whole One Piece world was freaking out at the news of the alliance of Kaido and Big Mom, Garp was calm. This show’s the level of confidence or power that Garp possesses. Garp has extreme stamina, speed, and absurd tolerance to pain.

what are Blackbeard’s powers?

Blackbeard is a former member of Whitebeard’s crew, a former warlord, and a current Emperor of the sea. He is also the only known character to ever possess two devil fruits at the same time. In his pirating career, he has engaged in epic battles against Whitebeard, Shanks, Ace, the Revolutionaries CP0, and many others. Blackbeard is clearly a dangerous man whose ultimate plan goes way beyond becoming the pirate king. The main thing that makes him more dangerous is that he now possesses two overpowered devil fruits.

The legendary fight between Roger pirates and Whitebeard pirates lasted for three days and three nights although it ended with two crews partying and exchanging gifts. But, during these three days, Shanks and Buggy encountered Teach for the very first time. This is when buggy noticed that teach didn’t sleep at all throughout the entire three days of the battle and there’s a rumor that teach has never slept a day in his entire life, this info gives further legitimacy to Morco’s comments where he states that ‘teach is not a normal human and he has an odd body’.

Blackbeard has humongous physical strength and it’s also confirmed that he can use supreme Kings haki as well. He also gave Shanks those famous scars and Shanks admitted that the injury did not occur because of carelessness.

After the time skip his bounty was 3.996 billion which is the second highest out of the current emperors and the highest among former warlords of the sea. He easily defeated Boa Hancock and even Silvers Rayleigh confessed that he wouldn’t stand a chance against Blackbeard due to his elderly age.

Garp vs Blackbeard who would win?

It’s more like Haki vs devil fruits that will give us very detailed knowledge of both haki and devil fruits. In the current timeline, Garp vs Blackbeard is likely to be drawn because the true strength of both characters is unknown. But considering the facts, the chances of Garp defeating Blackbeard are very slim simply based on the structure of the story seems to suggest the battle between Luffy and Blackbeard. Blackbeard has long been set up as Luffy’s main rival in the chase of one piece.

Why would Garp save coby?

Garp and Coby have an incredibly deep bond. Ever since Luffy helped Coby to escape from pirates to become a Marine, Garp trained him so that Coby would grow up to become an incredibly great marine. During that time they spent a lot of time together and founded a wonderful and deep friendship. A friendship in which Garp may give his life to save Coby.

Garp vs Blackbeard conclusion

Garp vs Blackbeard

Neither World Government nor the Marines are likely to have an open war with an Emperor of the sea. There are very rare chances that we may see Garp vs Blackbeard alone because teach would not fight Garp alone and the whole navy is heading towards egghead island to capture Luffy and Vegapunk. But considering Garp’s habit of disobeying the orders, he may still try to save coby from Blackbeard.

If there is Garp vs Blackbeard fight in the future, Garp will be joined by the sword members and Black beard has his crew with him. I hope Oda didn’t do make Garp vs Blackbeard offscreen as he always does with this type of fight. Garp will have the advantage of his immensely powerful haki against two overpowered devil fruits.

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