Dharmendra: Shabana Azmi and I were destined to work together for Karan Johar | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

The legendary Dharmendra, said to be the handsomest Indian actor ever, is very happy with Karan Johar’s Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahani.

“Shooting with Karan and the whole cast was like a picnic. Kab shuroo hua aur kab kab khatm, pataa hi nahin chala (didn’t realize when it started and when it ended). Karan took such good care of us. He is such a well brought-up boy. Polite and softsppoken. But knows how to get the performances he wants from his cast.”
Why did it take so long for Dharmendra to work with Karan Johar? “Dekho, jab jo hone ko hota hai tabhi woh hota hai (things happen when they are destined to). Shabana Azmi and I were to work together in a film entitled Bichhoo (in 1982) which Sai Paranjpye was to direct. We did the mahurat and shooting was about to start. For some reasons, it never got made. And now here we are, working together.”
Dharmendra is all praise for both his iconic co-stars. “Shabana is a great artiste, the world knows it. I worked with Jaya in her first film Guddi where she played my fan. Now working with her again, I feel I am her fan.”

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