5 Interesting One Piece theories that make sense in 2023

One piece theories 2023

One Piece is full of unanswered inquiries and secrets, also a spread of cryptic characters. There are a lot of One Piece Theories now that the Wano arc is finished. Fans all around the globe have been speculating multiple aspects of One Piece Theories for ages. Some very few One Piece theories make sense leading to some rather exciting and crazy possibilities. Let us dive into the One Piece world to find some of the best One Piece Theories that will blow your mind.

How strong is Blackbeard?

One piece theories

Do you know that Blackbeard didn’t sleep in his entire life? A normal human needs 8 hours of sleep so that his body and mind can function properly. If we do basic calculations Blackbeard has 3 characters or 3 souls in his body and each sleeps for eight hours.

When one character/soul sleeps another 2 are awake. This must be the reason that he can use only 2 devil fruits at a time. His next devil fruit will be a zoan type because his current fruits are tremor-tremor fruit and dark-dark fruit. Tremor-tremor fruit is a paramecia type and dark-dark is a logia-type devil fruit.

Now the question is which fruit will Blackbeard have. Now Kaido is out of the equation, there is a very low possibility that Blackbeard will have Kaido’s devil fruit because Momonusuke already has Kaidos replicated devil fruit.

But imagine Blackbeard in dragon form and the power of dark-dark devil fruit around him. It will be impossible for Luffy to defeat Blackbeard alone.

Who will be Luffy’s new allies?

One Piece Theories
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There are many characters in One Piece that would ally with Strawhats in wars to come like Katakuri, Marco, Shirahoshi, Yamato, Kuja Pirates, Revolutionary Army, Wano Samurai, Shanks, Law, Captain Kid, and many more. But we all are waiting for the most interesting alliance of Strawhats and Red-hairs. It is highly possible in the next arc to come.

Now that the Wano arc is finally over (manga) there is the possibility that we may see a new alliance of straw hat pirates. Oda in his recent interview stated that One Piece will need more than 3-4 years to complete its story. Considering 4 years, we can speculate that more than 200 chapters of One Piece will come in the future but these 200 chapters are very less for One Piece Theories to come true. So we could consider more than 300+ chapters will arrive in the coming years.

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The Yonko saga is not over yet just the wano arc is completed. Two more Yonko’s are left to be dealt with. So it is possible that Oda may wrap up both remaining Yonko’s in the next 70 to 80 chapters. Now according to various One Piece Theories, which Yonko will Luffy ally with? Of course, Luffy will ally with Shanks and fight Blackbeard. We will get to see the full potential of Yonko Red-haired Shanks.

This One Piece theory connects to the previous ones we discussed because fighting Blackbeard will need two strong fighters as he can use two devil fruits at the same time and if his devil fruits are awakened then this alliance is a must for the balance of power in One Piece.

Also, if Blackbeard somehow pushes his limits and starts using 3 devil fruit at the same time considering he gets his third devil fruit then Luffy cannot defeat Blackbeard without any super strong alliance. It’s not like Luffy will kill him because Luffy never kills his enemies. Teach is needed for the final battle but that’s another one of One Piece theories.

Is Shanks Celestial Dragon?

One Piece theories
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This is one of the most interesting One Piece Theories now that makes sense. We all know the God Valley incident. The God valley incident has been successfully erased from the history books of One Piece by the world government. After this incident, all celestial dragons left the place. Now the theory is, what if a child of some celestial dragon must have been left behind and pirate king Gol D Roger must have felt pity and taken that child with him?

Speaking of that child, Roger must have later accepted him as a member of Roger Pirates and even gave him his Straw Hat. The kid is none other that our Shanks.

Also what makes this theory more sensible of all One Piece Theories is that Shanks’ age is 39 years and the God Valley incident occurred 38 years ago. Shanks must be around one year old when roger took him. Also in Roger’s flashback scenes, when he held baby momonusuke, he said it’s been a while since he held a baby. At that time Shanks was 12 years old.

Shanks being a Yonko, being one of the most wanted pirates in the One Piece universe is allowed to enter the holy land of Mariejois. Why would anyone give a free pass to the enemy to enter Mariejois until you are a celestial dragon? Even five elders are willing to talk to him. What do you think may be the reason the Commander in Chief of marines Sengoku agreed on Shanks’ terms to end the war? Sengoku even said “I agree to end the war only because it’s you “Red-Haired”. All of these incidents point towards shanks as a celestial dragon.

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What is the power of Imu in One Piece?

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There is a high chance that this theory will be proven wrong but it’s very interesting. Imu seems like the main villain of One Piece till now because we see marines as the villains and marines are under the direct control of the world government, all of the major decisions of the world government are taken by the five elders and these five elders take orders from Imu. So the main villain of the series is dropped after 900 chapters without any hint. The character who is going to play such an important role in One Piece will be just portrayed just like another character, I THINK NOT!! Oda must have some very important reasons behind it.

As for Imu’s powers, we can speculate that she has all types of haki including the supreme king’s haki because she rules the whole of the world government and marines. In many One Piece Theories, people say that she must have water-water fruit and she is alive from the void century.

This means that either she is an alien who can live for more than 800 years or she must have a certain type of devil fruit that gives her immortality. So how can she be defeated? In the anime world, the immortal characters are defeated by sealing them as we saw in Naruto and Bleach. But it is not the trend followed by one piece. One piece is an anime series where characters usually won’t die. She may be locked in an underwater, highly secure prison because that makes sense in one piece.

Let’s discuss the type of fruit Imu may have. She may have one of the most powerful devil fruits of one piece. Some mythical type of immortality fruit that provides her immortality like the god of immortality Tithonus who is the God of immortality in greek mythology. We all know that Oda likes to take hints from mythologies. Also, her powers may be related to soul and death.

One Piece ancient kingdom theory.

One piece theories
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There are a few speculations spinning around Joy Boy. One of the most well-known hypotheses is that Joy boy was the leader of an old Realm and was aggregating a few Old Weapons. In any case, over the long run, he was sold out by his partners, individuals who needed the weapons for global control. This disloyalty denoted the ascent of the 20 Celestial Dragons as well as the World Government. That made a point to cover these mysteries inside the Long term Void century.

In The Enies Lobby arc, Robins professor Clover referenced that the ‘Old Weapon’ is a danger to the entire world. Also, assuming the occasions that occurred quite a while back are uncovered, the World government would be the one with the most detriments. Before he could uncover the name of the realm, he was killed. All through the series, we can see that The World Government is staying quiet about its set of experiences. What’s more, this focuses on the possibility that they have done something horrendous to ensure that they ascend to control.

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